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Product Description:

  HIPAA Compliant Video Conferencing

HIPAA Compliance:

  • HIPAA Business Associate Agreement available to healthcare plans
  • Multi-layer security with end-to-end encryption
  • Only transmits encrypted information; Zoom never has access to PHI

Functionality and Quality:

  • Feature-rich video platform to support virtual care
  • Highest quality video, audio, and screen sharing
  • Easily integrates with healthcare environments

Key Benefits:

  • Faster, easier consultations with specialists
  • Continuing education and real-time information sharing
  • Enables timely interaction between healthcare providers and patients
  • Consultation with physician, specialist, and patient
  • Virtual counseling for behavioral and mental health
  • Healthcare education via Zoom Video Webinar
  • Remote patient diagnostics
  • Hospital administrative meetings
  • Home healthcare
  • Triage and disaster response





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