6' Keyed Laptop Security Cable

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Product Description:

Simple yet sturdy, The Tryten Laptop Lock Pro is a laptop lock that combines value and industry-leading theft prevention in one package.

For those wondering “How do laptop locks work?” or “How do I lock my laptop?”, the Tryten Laptop Lock Pro is very easy to operate and is compatible to lock any Apple, Dell, or HP laptop or notebook equipped with a Kensington style security slot.

P/N # DCT-302130

Product Features:

  • Solid Lock Body
  • Tamper Resistant
  • Rotate & Pivot Lock & Cable
  • Durable Steel Cable
  • Surefit Locking Mechanism

Tech Specifications:

Cable Length: 72”
Cable Color: Dark Translucent
Weight: 0.62 lbs
Cable Material: Multi-stranded galvanized steel cable, PVC coating
Cable Diameter: 0.25"
Cable Strands: 7 x 19
Break Strength: 2000 lbs
Locking Head: 19 mm × 26 mm × 42 mm
Locking Head Material: Zinc alloy housing / Stainless Steel
Warranty: Lifetime

Product Downloads:

DCT-1KL Product LiteratureProduct Instructions

Compatible with the following Series Carts:

K Series R Series 1B3 Series 6 Series SFF Series


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