Medical Grade 10' Coiled Power Cord

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Medical Grade 10' Coiled Power Cord, 5-15P to IEC-60320-C13 Right Angle Clear

  • The 0353 series power cords feature the standard Hospital Grade, Green Dot, NEMA 5-15P Clear (transparent) and the Right Angle IEC-60320-C13 Clear (transparent).
  • These power cords receive special approval from UL which is based on high quality construction and peak performance. The Green Dot marking on the face of the plug indicates the cord has been tested and is ready for use in a hospital environment.
  • These medical grade power cords are the recommended cords for any healthcare equipment, (from x-ray machines, to life support equipment, to hospital use).
  • This right angle power cord is ideal for use in confined spaces because it eliminates stress placed on the conductors and strain relief. The definition of a right angle connector is that when facing the equipment with the connector installed ground-pin-up, the cord trails away to your right-hand side.
  • Extendable/Retractable cords feature wire that has been wound and molded to have a spring-like ability to maintain its shape. These cords are useful on appliances that require mobility.
  • Our 0353 series power cords are grey cords that carry North American approvals (UL, C-UL), and are rated at 10A – 125V.

Product Features:

  • Molded, Heavy-Duty Power Cable, 10 ft.
  • NEMA 5-15P to IEC-60320-C13 Right Angle Clear
  • 14 AWG x 3C, SJT, 15A, 125 Volt
  • RoHS Compliant
  • UL Listed

Tech Specifications:

Cable Length (ft.): 10'
Guage: 18
Color: Gray
Rating: 10A - 125V
Side A - Connector 1: NEMA 5-15P
Side B - Connector 1: IEC-60320-C13 Right Angle Clear
Product Warranty Period: Limited Lifetime

Compatible with the following Series Carts:

K Series R Series 1B3 Series 6 Series SFF Series

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